Upcoming Webinar "3D Printed Tooling for Sand Casting: Time and Cost Savings of FDM vs. SLA"

3D Printed Tooling for Sand Casting: Time and Costing Savings of FDM vs. SLA

Join us Sept. 26 for a comparison of FFF/FDM and SL/SLA for hard tooling

Advancements in equipment and materials have made 3D printing a practical option for hard tooling for metalcasting. Join RP America's Jeremy Owen as he compares time and cost savings associated with stereolithography (SL or SLA) and FFF/FDM 3D printing processes to traditional methods for manufacturing hard tools for the sand casting process.

When: Sept 26, 2018, 1:30 PM Central Time

Speaker: Jeremy Owen, RP America Sales Support Manager

Cost: Free

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For both SL and FFF processes, Jeremy will examine:
- Part quality and smoothness
- Strength/durability 
- Print and post-process time
- Overall cost

Data gathered in collaboration with Trident Alloys, a jobbing foundry in Massachusetts, and Georgia Technical Center for FlowServe.



Stereolithography parts for the above study were printed on UnionTech SL equipment at RP America's 3D printing lab in New Sharon, Iowa. Learn more about UnionTech here.

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