Case Study: Desktop Metal Studio System™ for Rapid Prototyping

Virginia-based startup to reduce product development timeline by 25%

Prototype built on the Desktop Metal Studio SystemThis new case study from Desktop Metal highlights a rapid prototyping application, featuring Lumenium LLC, a Virginia-based startup developing an innovative family of internal combustion engines. Their Inverse Displacement Asymmetrical Rotational (IDAR) engine is a novel and totally singular design for producing powerful, efficient, internal combustion. For Lumenium, the ability to iterate quickly has a major and direct impact on time-to-market and engine performance. While Lumenium currently uses an in-house CNC machine and wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) to make prototype parts, the process is relatively time consuming and costly. Lumenium is seeking a faster, more cost-effective approach to prototyping parts within the engine assembly. Read the case study:


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