Spotlight on the UnionTech™ RSPro 600: 3D Printing Technology Forged in the Crucible of Competition

Competition is a well-recognized refiner and enhancer of product cost effectiveness and performance. For nearly 20 years, UnionTech has manufactured and sold stereolithography (SL) equipment in a highly competitive environment defined by multiple direct technology competitors and an entrenched CNC prototyping industry.

The UnionTech™ RSPro 600 is one excellent example of UnionTech’s response to this crucible of intense competition: robust construction incorporating globally sourced components to provide users cost-effective ownership throughout the entire life cycle, remarkable part aesthetics, and the freedom to collaborate and innovate with open design for materials and machine access. The parts printed on the RSPro 600 demonstrate excellent sidewall quality and fine detail, contributing to lower post-finishing requirements.

UnionTech  RSPro 600 SL machines have been successfully used for dental applications by Smartee Dental for high-volume manufacturing. 

Key Features of the RSPro 600:

  • Large build platform, 600 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm, enables multiple small part production as well as large parts
  • Closed-loop controlled recoating system mounted on a substantial granite rim for enhanced stability
  • Layer thicknesses as low as 0.05 mm (0.002 in) for excellent surface quality with scanning speeds up to 12 m/s
  • Key components sourced from top international brands— Spectra-Physics, SCANLAB, and Panasonic
  • Part build preparation software by Materialise
  • Full freedom of choice in materials: equipment uses any 355 nm SL photopolymer material
  • Three levels of access (Operator, Engineer, and Expert) controlled by user  
The UnionTech RSPro 600 SL machine on display at the Rapid + TCT expo allowed attendees to examine its robust construction, open design and range of build platforms, setting the equipment appart from other AM options. Four of the UnionTech machines are on display at RP Sales America headquarters and are available for parts testing. Contact RP Sales to learn more.


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