Top 5 Customer Questions About UnionTech Equipment and RP America

UnionTech stereolithography equipment plus installation, service, and support from us here at RP America offers a unique value proposition in the industrial 3D printing industry. We’ve been talking to people about UnionTech for quite awhile now, so we have a good idea of the questions they most frequently have about the equipment and the RP America/UnionTech partnership. Here are a few that we get most frequently.

  1. What support is there for the equipment? RP America will start by installing the equipment at your facility, if desired. We have a network of field technicians who travel across North America providing support for legacy and UnionTech equipment. If a customer has any questions or issues with equipment, we start out with phone/email remote support, then follow up with a site visit if necessary. We also have the capability of remoting into the machines to provide support. We respond to phone calls and email within 1 hour during business hours, and have 24-hour service available.
  2. Image of a 3D laser scan of a part 3D printed on the UnionTech RSPro 600What is the equipment speed and accuracy like? Testing has verified speeds up to 10 m/s without losing accuracy on the UnionTech production series. Testing has also verified accuracy of well under ±0.1 mm at a part size of 150 mm.
  3. What parts or geometries cause builds on the UnionTech equipment to crash? Testing has not found any part geometries or issues with the equipment that cause builds to crash; crashes have been caused by operator error. The UnionTech equipment is not overly engineered or complex, which gives the machines great consistency and reliability.
  4. When will you stop supporting the current UnionTech equipment lineup? RP America will continue to support the equipment for as long as the customer wants to run it. We are in the business of extending asset life.  
  5. What materials are available? The machines are capable of running any 355 nm UV curable material, including Somos materials and other materials brands. They will also be able to run any 355 nm material currently in development—there are many exciting prospects coming down the road. Current materials possess a wide range of properties including clarity, high temperature resistance, low viscosity (for easy post processing), and toughness.

More questions? Download the complete FAQ guide for the UnionTech equipment lineup.

Download the UnionTech Frequently Asked Questions

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