UnionTech Exhibit at Rapid + TCT Show Sets the Stage for Fresh Dimensions in Stereolithography


The UnionTech RSPro 600 SL machine on display allowed attendees to examine its robust construction, open design (relative to materials and machine control) and range of build platforms, setting the equipment apart from other AM options.

Stereolithography (SL), the first 3D-printing technology, has seen continued innovation in equipment, materials, and application know-how in recent years and has one of the largest globally installed bases of all additive manufacturing technologies. However, SL technology, in its current state of advanced development, has often taken a backseat to news generated by the wide array of emerging AM technologies.

At the recent Rapid & TCT 2017 expo, Union Tech Inc., and their US distributor, RP Sales America, encouraged exhibit attendees to explore SL by examining the UnionTech™ line of SL equipment and parts built on those machines. They also offered activities featuring the benefits of SL as a tool that expands and even transcends rapid prototyping solutions.

Everyone who stopped by the booth was impressed with the capabilities of today’s stereolithography technology and UnionTechTM’s equipment that exceed many ingrained perceptions of SL as a prototyping-only solution. Many attendees were enthusiastic about incorporating the demonstrated advances in material that dramatically increase toughness and temperature capabilities and application possibilities, such as metal-clad composites and lightweighted structures, into future projects as a means to further growth. Aspects of the UnionTechTM RSPro SL product line that also impressed attendees were the freedom of material choice and the overall cost-effectiveness of the product line.


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