UnionTech Industrial 3D Printer Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about this open source industrial stereolithography equipment

UnionTech and RP America Frequently Asked Questions

RP America and UnionTech have partnered since 2016 to bring UnionTech stereolithography 3D printing equipment to North America. UnionTech has nearly 20 years of proven leadership in globally sourced industrial 3D printing systems. This open source technology is available in both small and large build platform sizes. RP America provides sales, installation, training, and ongoing support for the equipment.

This guide answers questions about:

  • Support and maintenance RP America provides for UnionTech equipment
  • Quality of parts produced by the UnionTech equipment, including accuracy, layer height, and detail capabilities
  • How to use the equipment and what it is capable of on both its small and large build platform sizes
  • Facility and post-processing requirements
  • Material usage and availability, including UnionTech's open source technology